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Sensor Products Milton Keynes

Sensor products (also known as touchless or infra-red) have seen a sharp demand since the start of the pandemic. As individuals we've become focused on ensuring that we maintain the most critical levels of hygiene, ensuring that we avoid the touching in gem hotspots such as taps, toilet flushes & basin sinks. 

The installation of sensor-activated washroom features has been proven to reduce the spread of bacteria through commercial washrooms. This can keep your customers & staff healthier and bring down the number of sick days taken across a site. This effects our everyday life and businesses have had to gear up and protect both their employee's & customers. But, we are the real benefits here and is the investment worth it? 


What is a sensor tap?

The tap is operated by a sensor and when the sensor detects hands placed beneath the tap opening, water is emitted for a set period of time to allow users to wash their hands. This elimates the need to touch the tap surface at any time.

Why you should consider a sensor tap for your business?

Sensor taps have rapidly become the go-to for many homeowners, businesses & public sector workspaces for their efficiency, ease of use and the fact that they help against the spreading of germs. With the taps working intuitively, they are perfectly suited to today’s modern world, and with users never having to physically touch them, sensor taps can significantly reduce the spread of bacteria in the wash space.

The controlled water flow means taps can’t accidentally be left on, and generate huge water savings in their own right, especially when compared to traditionally operated taps.

Your requirements on tap selection

There are many types of sensor tap, from those that are deck mounted onto the vanity top, to those that are mounted on the wall. You’ll also want to check to see if the tap contains its own thermostatic mixer valve. This is a device that blends the hot and cold water supply to a temperature that is warm but will not scold the user. Some models have one built-in, but if it doesn’t you’ll need to fit one of these as well.

The customer expectation has changed since the pandemic 

The pandemic has seen a huge shift in both staff & customer expectations for bathroom items to sensor driven. Previously you may have only experienced sensor based products in a select number of premises or venues, today customers increasingly expect them to be provided as part of a high quality washroom environment.

If you’re installing hands-free taps in your premises for the first time it’s always worth including some clear signage to ensure that visitors know how to use them. Overall however we find that modern hands-free taps are very intuitive to use and completely remove many of the user-error problems that can occur with traditional manually operated taps, such as people leaving the taps running, scalding themselves with water that’s too hot, or splashing water over the bathroom or washroom area.

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